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The B.A.D. Philosophy

While most large-scale wheel companies define success through bottom line volume to profit numbers, the B.A.D. Wheels Inc. approach is different.  Our goal is to improve the safety and security of this country through innovation, both on and off the road.  B.A.D.’s founder, Kevin Kaylin, knows a thing or two about highway safety; he’s a retired South Carolina State Trooper.  After years of investigating highway traffic collisions, it was apparent to Kevin that many rollover situations resulted from an evasive maneuver and a failed pneumatic chamber (tire). Simply put, most rollover situations occur when the tire bead is separated from the outer lip of the wheel.  In order for such failures to occur, you need a critical rate of speed, and a specific degree of yaw, which is common during an uncontrolled slide or drift. Once combined, these factors contribute to excessive friction between the road surface and tires. As the tires heat up, they become sticky. Quite often, this scenario occurs in conjunction with a panic reaction from the driver. However, abruptly pressing the brakes only exacerbates the situation.  Superheated tires stick to the road surface causing excessive deflection of the sidewalls. In many cases this sidewall deflection will cause the tire bead to become disassociated from the outer lip of the wheel causing the wheel to dig into the road surface. This provides a hinge point that further enhances a rollover situation.  Under inflated tires can also play a role in sudden tire deflations and loss of bead retention.


2017 Acquisition by Caliber Performance

In January, 2016, Joel called B.A.D. Wheels to purchase a set of Eklipse 17's for his 2015 Rubicon.  During that phone call, he learned that Kevin was no longer manufacturing wheels.  Joel was pretty determined to own a set of Eklipse's, and looked around the Internet for four months to see if anyone had the B.A.D. Wheels in stock...and nobody did!   In May 2016, he decided to call Kevin back to see if anything had changed, or if he had any leads as to anyone having a set of Eklipse's in stock.  During that conversation, Kevin said that the company was actually for sale, and that when he sold it, he was confident that the new owners would have the wheels in stock.....

Kevin Kaylin


Kevin is the original founder of the B.A.D. Wheel technology. Kevin also knows a thing or two about four wheeling. He’s been an avid wheeler for the past 28 years and has had the opportunity to wheel all over the country, even as far away as Keflavik, Iceland in 1986-88 during his 9 year stint in the U.S. Navy.  Kevin’s passion of four wheeling even took him into competition where he netted a podium finish at the highly competitive Top Truck Challenge Event hosted by Four Wheeler Magazine. With his career background in Law Enforcement and his love of four wheeling, Kevin applied his experience and technical knowledge to improving the bead lock wheel.

“I envisioned a completely different approach to securing the bead of a tire to the outer lip of a wheel by placing a locking mechanism inside the air chamber which protects it from the elements and collateral damage.”  -Kevin Kaylin