Dynamic Balance Ring (DBR)

Brand: Caliber Performance
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They look different because they are!  B.A.D. Wheels teamed up with Centramatic, the world leader in dynamic balancing, to build a Sacrificial Rock Ring that also balance your tires whenever in motion. 


Reduced vibration

Improved ride quality

Increased tire and bearing life

Lower tire temperatures

These rings take advantage of centrifugal force to distribute small spherical weights around the inside of a sealed tubular chamber. The chamber is filled with a unique synthetic dampening fluid that is formulated to perform in extreme conditions. 

When attached to the back of a special Sacrificial Rock Ring™, then attached to the Eklipse 17 wheel’s anchor bolts using six Dual Drive stainless steel machine bolts, the system effectively counteracts any out of balance condition up to eleven ounces! These rings are typically delivered in their raw aluminum form, but are paintable. For an additional fee, they are available in a variety of colors, either anodized or powder coated.

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